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Axel Gonzalez

Brush-Stroked Rainbow !FREE!

This wallpaper mural is composed using a blend of vibrant blues, chartreuse, black, white, lavender, orange, pink, and white, lilac, gray and yellow for an intense rainbow feature wall. This is an original Blueberry Glitter that has been converted into a large scale wall mural.

Brush-Stroked Rainbow

Download File:

For the other side of the paper, I chose to paint lines instead of circles. These are basically brush strokes. The unevenness adds to the hand-painted feel. You can paint any shape over and over to fill the page and have fun. Create a little rainbow art of your own!

You start by drawing a square for the first color of the rainbow. Use 10 by 10 px for this square to make it easy for the creation of the other squares. Apply a red fill to this square, and then duplicate this square horizontally 6 times. Do this by going to Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform.... Check Preview first so you see what you're doing. Enter -10px in the Move Horizontal option, and enter 6 in the Copies option. Hit OK. Then go to Object > Expand Appearance. Use the Direct Selection tool to select each square one by one and give each its proper fill: orange, yellow, green, ...

After you've applied the rainbow colors to each square, select all 7 and drag the object into the Brushes panel. Next, choose Art Brush and click OK. In the Art Brush Options give the brush a name and select Stretch to Fit Stroke Lenght and the up arrow direction. Leave the Colorization Method setting to None. Now draw a circle and delete the bottom anchor point of the circle (use the Direct Selection tool to select the point). Apply no fill, and a transparent stroke of 1 pt. With the half circle selected, choose your rainbow brush from the Brushes panel. Adjust the stroke size if needed. That's it!

then, add two adjustment layers, first a curves and then a gradient map. the gradient can be whatever colors you want for the picture, in my example i went with the built-in spectrum rainbow gradient. next, adjust the curves layer so that your clouds map to as much of your gradient as possible


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