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Feel The Power Of Football with PES 2019, offering photo-realism and lifelike player individuality, combined with a host of new licenses and exclusive Legend players!New Features:' AUTHENTIC LEAGUES ' Huge addition of licensed leagues' MAGIC MOMENTS ' Player individuality has been taken to the next level with 11 new skill traits. Score great goals with improved shooting motion & animation, and see stamina have an impact with Visible Fatigue' NEW MYCLUB - Every element has been redone, from how you sign players, to special versions of players released throughout the year' THE BEAUTIFUL GAME ' Experience photo-realism with stunning animation flow, supporting 4K HDR' ML REAL SEASON ' Experience life as a real manager with 3 significant changes: ICC pre-season, in-depth transfer system and new league licenses


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Pro Evolution Soccer has long been one of the most popular and successful sports franchises in the world. However, following the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 in 2018, Konami decided to rebrand the franchise due in part to losing key licenses. Instead of Pro Evolution Soccer, fans were instead delivered eFootball PES 2020, followed by eFootball 2022 most recently. The transition has proven a fiasco, however, and a new Konami trademark hints that a second rebranding could be in the works.

Given that the Pro Powerful Soccer trademark is just that, a trademark filing and nothing more, there's little to speculate on beyond it being a possible new name for Konami's soccer franchise. With the failure of the eFootball series to become successful and the value in the Pro Evolution Soccer branding, Konami could be trying to put a new spin on an old favorite. Without further information, however, that's just a possibility. Konami could be filing the trademark for something entirely different and eFootball could remain its focus.

The future of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise is up in the air. Whether Konami brings it back as eFootball, Pro Powerful Soccer, or something else, fans are going to approach it with a cynicism that would have been hard to imagine five years ago. At the very least, expect news regarding Konami's plans for future soccer games, Pro Evolution Soccer or otherwise, in the months to come.

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PES announced the end of partnerships with German club Borussia Dortmund. Only days later they announced a new partnership with another Germany club Schalke 04. The new partnerships are to help the gamer find new ways to enjoy soccer.

PES 2019 made changes to the Rising Star, Bad Boy and Superstar Team Roles. Additionally, personality is made up of 1 of 4 personality traits, and their team role will be based upon their personality. There are no changes to Team Roles in PES 2020.

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game from our source! You can play it either single player game mode or multiplayer one. It is entirely up to you which path you choose! There is much more to be added but we strongly encourage you to learn about this once you click one of the PES 2019 free! That are not only safe, but they are also located on private servers, making it impossible for you to get harmed.

It means that we are not going to see official Championship League and Europa League. However, there are some positive news! First of all, these elements have been replaced with other, equally interesting elements. The authors added new licenses and they significantly rebuilt MyClub game mode. See for yourself how everything looks now! When it is possible to get Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Download Free version on your own computer!

Probably most of you wonder whether it is even worth to install this free game! With the use of our PES links. Well, to be honest the loss of official licenses could have been quite significant blow for the series. However, the authors managed to hide this fail by implementing much more interesting elements. Giving us the chance to enjoy the free game and consequently making our Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Download Free offer very interesting.

Konami has been involved in football games for a long time, with its roots in the genre running deep. The company first took to the sport in the 1980s, and over the years the company has honed its craft well with shifts into different series. The most important of this was the handover from International Superstar Soccer to Pro Evolution Soccer, and PES has earn itself a deserved reputation for delivering a flexible, realistic approach to soccer built on perfect mechanics.

Thankfully, those expectations will still be met with Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. The quality of the football on show in the game is extremely high, and players would be forgiven for thinking that some of the plays have been taken directly from a real snippet of the beautiful game. This is particularly true with attacking play, where some of the fluid passing movement feels almost palpable.

A lot of this comes down to the way in which Konami has been able to emulate the flow of soccer. There's a seamless, shifting nature to PES 2019 that rivals have still been unable to emulate, although FIFA does seem to get a little bit closer every year. Because of this, PES has managed to break away from the rigidity of play that often comes from sports simulations, which are often so intrinsically tied to tactical formations over individual play.

Beyond that, little moments within PES 2019 just feel more real, somehow. In many sports games, passes and shots feel magnetic, finding their way to the path of either a teammate or an opponent by some unseen force, but in PES 2019 there's every chance that a failed shot just drifts out of play, much like in real life.

All in all, PES 2019 feels like football, and that's the game's biggest triumph. Smaller additions help make this even better, such as the game's improved visual representation of player fatigue beyond a stamina bar. The character models move nicely too, and lots of care has been put into the world's stars looking and moving like their real world counterparts.

PES 2019 provides gamers with a nice variety of game modes as well. Perhaps the best of the bunch is the title's Master League, which acts as a career mode where the player takes the team of their choice towards league and cup glory, taking control over both the larger management and the intricate gameplay of matches at the same time. Other offline modes are the usual fare, too, but it's Master League that will perhaps attract players the most.

That said, PES 2019 does offer those online multiplayer options, too. MyClub, Konami's answer to FIFA Ultimate Team, is still a little too impenetrable to new players, and not as simple to get into as the FIFA alternative. However, it's much less predatory than its EA Sports rival when it comes to loot box pressing, which is appreciated and needs to count for something - even if the mode is weaker overall.

In general, PES 2019 essentially offers the same kind of gaming experience that its predecessors have, though. Those expecting a large improvement are going to be left a little bemused, as overall this year's entry is more of a tweak than a larger revolution of Pro Evo as a whole. As such, some of those slight problems that niggled players last time around are still there.


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