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The final truth about soccer betting you must know

The entire world is immersed in the festive atmosphere of the biggest football event on the planet - the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

However, amidst the fiery matches and spectacular goals, the issue of football betting could be a hot topic.

In pursuit of a better life, some individuals have staked their fortunes on online football prediction matches, only to receive disappointing results.

Many believe that the more they bet, the more they lose. Could it be that the "bookies" are rigging the betting schemes, leading to increasingly substantial losses?

Let's explore some scientific studies that prove how the more you lose, the easier it becomes to lose even more, thereby helping you steer clear of futile betting endeavors.

The Ultimate Truth about Football Betting

Football Betting is a Particularly Addictive Substance

Everyone knows that drugs and stimulants like cocaine or heroin are highly addictive and dangerous substances for humans. However, few pay attention to the addictive nature of football betting, which can be just as harmful as heroin.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that football betting affects the human nervous system similarly to stimulants or addictive substances. Winning in football betting triggers a sensation akin to a drug high, making players feel euphoric and ecstatic for prolonged periods.

Conversely, losing in betting leads to feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, reminiscent of unfulfilled drug cravings in addicts. In extreme cases, some have even taken their own lives due to football betting losses.

The Ultimate Truth about Football Betting Losing in betting tips sites can even push someone to the brink of death.

The inherent danger of football betting lies in its direct association with passion. Most bettors are enthusiasts of the sport. According to many studies, this is what makes football betting addiction harder to overcome compared to other forms of gambling. Therefore, the best approach is to steer clear of this hazardous form of gambling altogether.

Football Betting Never Leads to Victory

One of the common questions every football bettor asks is, "Can I make money from betting on football?" According to scientists, the answer is almost always "No."

The Ultimate Truth about Football Betting Regardless of the form of betting...

The Ultimate Truth about Football Betting ...the result will always be... Empty pockets.

The reason behind this fact is the 11-10 betting method commonly employed by bookmakers. Under this method, to win 10 units, a player must bet 11 units.

With this approach, players might win once or twice and believe they can profit from betting. However, in the long run, to break even, they must have a winning ratio of at least 11/21 (equivalent to 52.38%).

Conversely, in any betting scenario, bookmakers always have at least one unit of profit in every 11 units bet by the players. Therefore, in the long run, bookmakers always emerge as the winners.

The Ultimate Truth about Football Betting In the end, only the bookmakers become increasingly wealthy.

The More Knowledgeable You Are About Football, the Higher Your Betting Losses

Typically, when one has a deep understanding of a particular field, success in that area becomes more achievable. However, the opposite is true for football betting. Simply put, the more knowledgeable you are about football, the easier it is to lose in betting.

The Ultimate Truth about Football Betting Science has proven - football betting is not for hardcore football fans.

This was demonstrated through a survey conducted by two Israeli professors - Dannon and Ronen Huberfeld. They selected three groups: Group I comprised 53 professional bettors; Group II consisted of 34 football enthusiasts with extensive sports knowledge but no gambling experience; and Group III included 78 individuals who never gambled and had no knowledge of sports or football whatsoever. All had to bet on the outcomes of the 2012-2013 UEFA Champions League round of 16 matches.

The results were surprising: the football-savvy group had no higher rate compared to the other two groups. In fact, the two biggest winners in the survey were from the group with no understanding of football or gambling.

The Ultimate Truth about Football Betting Conversely, "ignorance is bliss" in gambling. Football betting is perhaps only suitable for those who know nothing about the sport.

The experts explained that in betting tips vip daily prediction knowledgeable players often believe they are making accurate predictions, but in reality, this deludes them into taking more risks, making them more susceptible to losses.

Betting While Losing Increases the Likelihood of Further Losses

When football bettors are on a losing streak, they usually feel bitter and uncomfortable, wanting to continue playing to recoup their losses. However, according to a study by Juemin Xu and Nigel Harvey, betting while losing only increases the chances of losing even more.

The experts observed and analyzed consecutive winning/losing streaks of 6 times in 565,951 instances of online football and horse racing betting. The winning rate on the first bet was typically 48%.

The Ultimate Truth about Football Betting Similar to other forms of gambling, once you win in betting, there's a chance of continuous wins...

For consecutive losing streaks, this rate gradually decreases in subsequent bets, dropping to 47%, 45%, and even lower. Conversely, if the first bet is a win, the winning rate steadily increases, reaching as high as 75% by the sixth bet.

The Ultimate Truth about Football Betting ...but if you lose, continuing to bet will only lead to further spiraling into failure.

The two experts explained that when winning, players tend to think more strategically, hence increasing their chances of winning further. On the other hand, those on a losing streak tend to be more reckless, making them prone to risks and more likely to fail.


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